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Service for SRI-Rating Agencies


In order to deal more directly with questions from rating agencies specialising in sustainability, the Group Sustainability Department will discuss additional relevant indicators here.

Contact persons in the company include:
Florian Nehm: Corporate Sustainability Officer (florian.nehm@axelspringer.de / +49 30 2591 793 70) and
Philipp Oksche: Business Analyst Investor Relations (philipp.oksche@axelspringer.de / +49 30 2591-77429).


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Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

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Equal opportunities and non-discrimination

1. Equality of Opportunity:
Axel Springer offers equality of opportunity to every member of staff. In this connection ethnic origin, skin colour, sex, age, marital status, disability, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or social background is immaterial. We expect our staff to declare their belief in democratic principles and to tolerate people with differing opinions.

2. Incidents of discrimination are not known.
Since August 2006, the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) has been in force in Germany, which is used to put into practice the corresponding European Union anti-discrimination guidelines. In internal seminars, employees have been instructed on the guidelines of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG).  

3. Diversity is an essential part of the corporate culture for Axel Springer.
The company sees the diversity within our workforce, in particular for us as a publishing house which moves people and picks up on on the various facets of life on a daily basis, as a great opportunity to respond creatively to the diverse interests and needs of our customers. As an innovative and internationally established publisher, an optimal and non-discriminatory cooperation among our employees has high priority for Axel Springer.

The employee network queer: seite for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual people has been a point of contact for all employees for overall and individual lesbian-gay interests since December 2014. Axel Springer promotes progressive corporate change and also internal dealings with people belonging to the LGBT group as part of the Chancen:gleich! initiative. The aim of the employee network is a lively exchange of ideas and establishing new contacts among employees as well as the identification of problems, violations of equal opportunities policies in the work environment and LGBT conformity. 

Equality of Opportunity is not simply a fashionable phrase at Axel Springer. That is why Axel Springer SE has been the recipient of numerous awards – including the “Total E-Quality” distinction, the Helga Stödter Prize and the “Career and Family Audit” certificate.

The following topics are currently the focus of diversity activities in various project groups:

  • More Women in Leadership Positions
  • Personnel policy oriented towards equal opportunities
  • Demographic Change and Interculturality 
  • Work/Family Balance
  • Employee Network queer:seite for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual people


4. Through the “Chancen:gleich!” project which was launched in 2010, Axel Springer wants to entrench more diversity in the company and to achieve a more equitable balance between women and men in leadership positions. This will include, among other things, the optimization of personnel processes and the setting of individual targets for each department. By the end of 2017, the proportion of women in leadership positions across the Group had increased from 27.9% (2015) to 32%. (http://sustainability.axelspringer.com/en/principles/topics-and-objectives/achievements-20162017.html) Whistleblower-Hotlines (from the Intranet): Your insights can help! Submit confidential reports or seek advice Axel Springer is committed to responsible corporate management… Compliance, in other words conforming to legal requirements and corporate policies, as well as voluntary self-commitment, is a key element of integrity. Violation of law and failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct are not tolerated at Axel Springer. This online whistleblowing system is available to employees as well as third parties to report possible compliance violations. Reports of actual or suspected violations of laws or other misconduct and shortcomings can be submitted via this platform confidentially and, if desired, anonymously. Whistleblowers who submit reports in good faith will not suffer any adverse consequences. The system may not be used to knowingly submit false or defamatory statements or information. Thank you very much for your support! Sincerely,  

Health and safety

Employees in the European Union and specifically in Germany enjoy the worldwide leading standards of public health insurance as well as health & safety regulation at the work place regularly checked and enforced by authorities and unions.

From the Axel Springer intranet:

Axel Springer offers internal consulting

  • for the ergonomic design of workstations

  • first aid (first aid material, first aid training)

  • organizational fire protection (training of fire protection assistants, evacuation exercises)

  • for radiation protection (control of X-ray equipment)

  • for questions regarding the Maternity Protection Act

  • for the detection, monitoring and documentation of hazardous substances

  • for carrying out measurements at the workplace and working environment (e.g. noise, room climate, illuminance, pollutants).

  • in the treatment of accidents at work and on the way to and from work (employers' liability insurance associations)

Health and Safery Laws applied at Axel Springer SE

Occupational health and safety law contains a large number of special protective regulations for your work at the workplace. To ensure that you are informed about your rights and obligations in the performance of your duties, we provide you with the following information on all laws that are subject to posting requirements and which are of interest to you. This is intended to inform our employees about their rights at the workplace and the associated accident prevention.

  • General Equal Treatment Act (AGG)

  • Labour Court Act (ArbGG)

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG)

  • Occupational Safety Act (ASiG)

  • Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV)

  • Working Time Act (ArbZG)

  • Screen Work Ordinance (BildscharbV)

  • Federal Parental Benefit and Leave Act (BEEG)

  • Federal Leave Act (BurlG)

  • Homework Act (HAG)

  • Youth Employment Protection Act (JArbSchG)

  • Youth Work Protection Investigation Ordinance (JArbSchUV)

  • Child Labour Protection Ordinance (KindArbSchV)

  • Shop Closing Law (LadSchlG)

  • Minimum wage law (MiLoG)

  • Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG)

  • Part-Time and Fixed-Term Contracts Act (TzBfG)

  • Ordinance on protection against damage caused by X-rays (RöV)

  • Ordinance on the Sale of Certain Goods on Sundays and Public Holidays (SonntVerkV)

  • Ordinance on the Protection of Mothers at the Workplace (MuSchArbV)

Health: In the fast-moving media industry it is important to stay on the ball every day. The health of its employees is very important to the company. This is why it offers them comprehensive health management. The three pillars of this health management system – exercise, nutrition, relaxation – support employees in keeping fit.

Preventive measures, health days and annual campaigns take place for all employees.

Annual Program for all employees:

  • Colorectal cancer screening

  • Influenza vaccination

  • B2Run – Company run

  • Bike action day

  • Cooking workshops

  • Company sports Berlin and Hamburg

  • Cooperation with fitness studios

  • Internal seminars

Certification: All activities in this area do follow the “Guide to prevention / Fields of action and criteria of the GKV-Spitzenverband for the implementation of §§ 20 and 20a SGB V

of 21 June 2000 as amended on 10 December 2014” endorsed by the the German associations of health insurance funds.

From the Axel Springer Intranet:

BETSI - Ensuring employability in a participatory manner

BETSI is a prevention programme for maintaining health and performance at work. Increasing demands at work make many people doubt that they can be healthy up to retirement age and beyond. Slight complaints are often ignored and addressed too late. BESTI helps you to implement healthy life and work strategies at an early stage. Who can participate in BETSI? Working people who have complaints but no chronic illness, e.g. problems with weight and nutrition, stress, back problems, high blood pressure.

BETSI helps you achieve your goals

- Reduce stress

- Improve your condition

- achieve desired weight

- non-smoking

A new health program has been in place since 2017: BETSI (Securing Participation-Oriented Employability) is a prevention program that supports employees in tackling acute complaints such as back pain or high blood pressure at an early stage and in adopting a healthy life and work strategy.

(More: http://sustainability.axelspringer.com/en/employees/health-management.html)

Global Employee Hardship Relief: Axel Springer helps employees in need: The accident of a relative who is suddenly dependent on a wheelchair, or a cellar flooded with water, or even a flooded apartment. Events and financial burdens that nobody wants, but which can unfortunately occur in the course of a lifetime. And the insurance does not always cover all damages.

Employee survey on psychosocial factors at the workplace: The Axel Springer family of companies systematically carries out risk assessments of psychological stress. We are supported in this by experienced company psychologists and the Freiburger Forschungsstelle für Arbeitswissenschaften. The evaluation provides us with an overview of current psychological stress and possible stress risks. We want more than just random samples and actively involved all employees. The aim is to strengthen the well-being, health and performance of all employees. In addition, we also fulfil our statutory obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (§ 5 ArbSchG).

Work-life balance

In the area of work-life-balance Axel Springer SE has signed a number of agreements (Gesamtbetriebsvereinbarungen and Konzernbetriebsvereinbarungen) with the company union (Betriebsrat). Further details con be shared upon request by Florian Nehm, Corporate Sustainability officer (florian.nehm@axelspringer.de).

  • Group works agreement on flexible working time models to promote the compatibility of family and career (2017)

Parental leave (regualted by law)

  • Entitlement to parental leave exists up to the age of 3.

  • Each parent can take up to 36 months of parental leave.

  • The maternity protection period of 8 weeks is counted towards parental leave.

  • The parental leave does not have to be used up by the 3rd birthday.

  • Division into up to 3 time periods possible

  • Up to 24 months can be taken between the 3rd and 8th birthday of the child.

From the Axel Springer intranet

Voluntary additional options to reconcile work and family life: In addition to the "Wolkenzwerge" daycare center for children in Berlin, the company offers attractive and comprehensive consulting and placement services.


The pme Familienservice gives individual advice in the following areas

  • childcare

  • emergency childcare

  • Eldercare/ Homecare in need of care

  • situational coaching

Employment security and types of employment

In the area of employment security Axel Springer SE has signed a number of agreements (Gesamtbetriebsvereinbarungen and Konzernbetriebsvereinbarungen) with the company union (Betriebsrat). Further details con be shared upon request by Florian Nehm, Corporate Sustainability officer (florian.nehm@axelspringer.de).

  • Rationalization protection agreement (Rationalisierungsschutzabkommen): General works agreement to alleviate social hardship in case of structural adjustment and rationalisation (2018)

An average of 15,836 persons (excluding apprentices and trainees) were employed by the company as a whole in 2017. Axel Springer employed an average of 7,425 people abroad (PY: 6,877); this corresponds to a share of 46.9 % (PY: 44.9 %). The Group employed an average of 6,981 women (44.1 %) and 8,854 men (55.9 %). The breakdown by type of employment, location and gender can be found here.

GRI 103-3: http://sustainability.axelspringer.com/en/principles/reporting-according-to-gri/topic-specific-disclosures-social.html

Training and education

Success of training and education: Axel Springer countinously invests in training and education. Programs and their acceptance and effectiveness are regularly reviewed and adapted.

Social Commitment

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Value Chain

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